U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partners for Wildlife Projects

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Partners for Fish & Wildlife program works with private landowners to improve fish and wildlife habitat on their lands. They are leaders in voluntary, community-based stewardship for fish and wildlife conservation.

The future of the nation’s fish and wildlife depends on private landowners – more than 90% of land in the Midwest is in private ownership. Providing more high quality habitat not only helps wildlife – by contributing to a healthy landscape, you create a conservation legacy to pass on to future generations.

Barry Conservation District is proud to act as a local liaison for wetland restorations in Barry County.

2015 Accomplishments

Two U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partners Restoration Projects made great strides in 2015. Restoration of 100 feet of streambank stabilization and stream channel was completed in Middleville. In Nashville, 2.5 acres of wetland were restored along a quality stream, providing a multitude of environmental benefits. Spring 2016 will bring finishing work on both projects including final contouring and native landscaping work to maximize erosion control.