Watershed Conservation

A watershed is all of the lands that from which surface water empties into the same main waterbody (for our watersheds, that means a large river) and everything in and on top of that land. Barry County has two main watersheds, the Kalamazoo and the Thornapple (which includes the Tyler Creek subwatershed).

Your Local Watershed, the Thornapple River

The Thornapple Watershed includes the Thornapple River which is about eighty-eight miles long and runs through Barry County, with its headwaters in Eaton County before flowing into the Grand River in Kent County. The Thornapple River Watershed has a major tributary in the Coldwater River. The watershed encompasses approximately 422,545 acres of land in Barry, Eaton, Kent, Ionia and Allegan counties. The land use in the TRW is predominately rural, with about 52.1% in some form of agriculture.


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