Equipment Rental

Barry Conservation District is pleased to be able to offer landowners the rental of a no-till drill and tree planter to help in conservation activities!

Tree Planter

  • Rent for $50/per 8-hour work day
  • Require a minimum of 25 hp tractor
  • 3 point hitch
  • The planter is on its own trailer, can be hauled with a pick-up
  • Can plant from 500-800 trees per hour









No-till Drill

  • Rents for $50 flat fee plus $12.50/acre
  • 8′ Truax drill, 12 coulters
  • Need 50 hp tractor with external hydraulic system
  • Used to plant Native grass plantings and pasture (brome, clover etc, NOT hay or other crops)


How to Rent/Rental Policies

For all rentals, the renter must call (269.908.4139) or email ( the Conservation District and schedule the use of the equipment at least 24 hours in advance. The renter must come to the district office (1611 S Hanover St., Hastings), sign a rental agreement, and pay prior to any rental. After doing so, the Conservation District will provide the renter with contact information so he/she can schedule pick up with the equipment technician.

The renter is liable and will be charged for any damage beyond regular wear and tear, particularly resulting from improper transportation or use of the equipment. For this reason, it is important that the renter set up a time to pick up the equipment, during which time the equipment technician will explain proper transportation and operation of the equipment.