Forestry Information and Resources

Find answers to your forestry questions here.  Browse topics including forest pests and diseases, education, tree ID, and much more.

New!  The Barry, Calhoun, and Kalamazoo Counties Landscape Stewardship Plan describes the current forest resources in the region and includes a collection of stories that highlight a variety of forest management activities. The plan provides information on funding opportunities that are available to landowners, such as the Forest Stewardship Plan, Qualified Forest, and Commercial Forest programs offered by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and contains descriptions of best management practices to maintain a healthy and productive forest and to maintain soil and water quality. There are numerous threats to forest health including emerald ash borer, oak wilt, and invasive plants such as autumn olive and garlic mustard. Landowners can create plans that promote plant communities that are resilient to such disturbance (such as climate change) and provide benefits for the present and future.

General Forestry 
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Natural Resource Conservation Service – Forestry in Michigan
United States Forest Service – State and Private Forestry
Forest * A * Syst – information for forest owners
USDA Soil Web Survey
MSU Soil Testing Laboratory
USFS Internet Resources
USFS Ecosystem Services
Silviculture of Major ree Species
Forestry Suppliers, Inc
Timber Taxes
American Forest Foundation

Forestry Associations 
Society of American Foresters
Association of Consulting Foresters
Michigan Society of American Foresters
Michigan Forest Association
Michigan Conservation Districts
Michigan Association of Timbermen
Michigan Forest Resource Alliance
Michigan Forest Products Council
Michigan Forest Pathways
Forest Landowners Association
American Tree Farm System
My Land Plan (online planning tools for landowners)
National Woodland Owners Association
Association for Temperate Agroforestry

Forest Health Issues
MI DNR – Forest ealth
USFS National Forest Health Monitoring
Midwest Invasive Species Information Network
MSU Diagnostic Services   (this lab identifies insects, iseases, and plants for a small fee)
Guide to Common Tree iseases (courtesy of Sarah at the W.B. Goodwin Community Center)
Forest and Shade Tree Pathology

Forestry Links for K-12 Teachers
Michigan Forest Pathways Curriculum
Michigan Forests Forever
Project Learning Tree – Michigan
Project Learning Tree – National
Project WILD – Michigan
Project WILD – National
Project WET – Michigan
Project WET – National
Future Farmers of America – Michigan Forestry Program
Council for Environmental Education
North American Association for Environmental Education
Children and Nature Network
Last Child in the Woods  (book by Richard Louv)
Forestry Field Studies: A Manual for Science Teachers  (book by Glenn and Dickmann)
Thanks to the students at Kingston Schools for passing on this environmental education page!
Michigan State University Links
MSU Department of Forestry
MSU Department of Forestry – ulletins
MSU Extension
MSU Extension Bookstore (Bulletins)
Michigan Natural Features Inventory

Forestry Books
Michigan Trees
Trees of Michigan: Including Shrubs
Trees of Michigan and the Upper Great Lakes
Trees of Michigan: Field Guide
The Forests of Michigan
Michigan Forest Communities  (.pdf)
Important Forest Trees of the Eastern nited States  (pdf)
Forestry Field tudies: A Manual for Science Teachers
Woodland Stewardship
A Landowner’s Guide to Managing Your Woods
Positive Impact Forestry
Common Sense Forestry
Working With Your Woodland
The Woodland Management Handbook
A Farmer’s Guide to Woodland Management  (pdf)
Owning and Managing Forests
Estate Planning for Private Forest Owners  (pdf)
Ties to the Land

Wildlife Books
Managing Michigan’s Wildlife
Wildlife & Woodlot Management
Quality Food Plots
Ultimate Guide to Planting Food Plots for Deer and Other Wildlife

Urban Forestry
Urban Forestry Consultants in Michigan (pdf)
International Society of Aboriculture