Resources for Native Plantings

Selecting Native Plants

Once you know your site conditions, there are many resources to help you select native plant species that will work best for your project. Most sites allow you to also choose by plant type, height, bloom color, and bloom time. Check out these great resources!

  • Hidden Savanna Plant Database– an excellent online searchable database using sun, soil, and bloom time, from Kalamazoo-based Hidden Savanna.
  • Wildtype Retail catalog– this Michigan-based nursery guide provides a lengthy list of native plants and their type, light and soil moisture requirements, height, bloom color, and bloom time. It is available for download in both a .pdf or an Excel file.
  • Native Connections Cultural Guide– this is another wonderful plant guide from SW-Michigan-based contractor and native seed supplier Native Connections. It provides plant name, sun, soil moisture, and soil texture information, height, bloom time, and color.
  • Prairie Moon Plant Database– this Minnesota-based company has a searchable plant information database that you can use to search for plants that meet your site conditions and desired plant characteristics. Just be mindful of the range map available in each species profile, as some plants featured on this site may not be Michigan-native.

Don’t want to pick each individual species? Try a mix!

Many companies offer native species seed mixes or flats of plugs pre-selected for some general site conditions. Some organizations also offer free landscaping plans with species already listed. If you’re looking for a simpler solution to choosing native plants, you might opt for one of these!

Where to buy native plants

There are so many great nurseries nearby that can provide you with plants in a variety of sizes- from plugs to gallon-sized containers! Click on the links to learn more.

This list does not include all of the native plant suppliers in the state- just the ones closest to Barry County. For statewide lists, check out the Native Plant Network and Wildflower Association of Michigan vendor lists.

Where to buy native seed

Local contractors who specialize in native planting projects

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