Benefits of Native Plants

In short, native plants are beneficial because they are:
Lower maintenance!

  • Do not require fertilizers and require minimal, if any, pesticides
  • Native plants require less water than lawns and after a couple of years, often don’t require any watering at all!
  • Do not require mowing like a lawn

The best for wildlife!

  • Provide shelter and food for wildlife
  • Native plant diversity supports native wildlife diversity

Great for addressing some common natural resource concerns!

  • Have deeper root systems that hold the soil in place to prevent erosion
  • These deeper root systems also increase the soil’s capacity to store water, reducing runoff and flooding
  • Help reduce air pollution
  • Sequester and store carbon from the air

Beautiful and diverse!

  • Come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • With so many different species, you can find options to add color to any area any time of year!

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