It is important to understand the difference between non-native plants and invasive plants. The term “non-native” is relative- it refers to any living organism that did not naturally originate from an area in which it is currently found. So what is non-native in Barry County is not necessarily non-native in all of Michigan, let alone […]

Youth Day

Local outdoorsman George Cullers proposed the idea for the Barry County Outdoor Recreation Youth Day in 2014. The concept was simple: “get kids outdoors!” However, there are many factors that seem to work against this idea. Electronic games, busy schedules, television, economics, and the movement into suburbs and away from open spaces, family farms, and […]


The Forestry Assistance Program provides an initial professional contact with landowners who are interested in actively managing their forested property. No matter what your goals (recreation, wildlife, timber harvest, ecosystem preservation, etc), the Conservation District Forester can help you better understand, plan, manage, protect, and utilize your forest resources. The forester also provides the community […]