Cedar Creek Public Meeting

The clean, cool waters of Cedar Creek flow gently through miles of the high-quality prairie, wetland, and forest that Barry County is known for. Beyond providing us with a picturesque backdrop, the creek system functions in ways that provide us with vital services like water and debris transport, flood control, water quality control, and fish passage. Where rivers meet roads, the natural functions of a stream can become impaired and cause issues such as altered water flow, increased erosion, habitat degradation, and barriers to fish passage.

Barry Conservation District and the Barry County Road Commission have teamed up with other local partners to address one such problematic crossing- the undersized culverts at McKeown Road. The main objectives of this project are to improve the hydraulic function, riverine and riparian connectivity, sediment transport, and water quality on Cedar Creek by replacing the two existing undersized culverts with a bankfull-width timber bridge.

Join Barry Conservation District to learn more about the impacts of improperly sized or placed road-stream crossings and about how our project will improve the health of Cedar Creek. The informational meeting will take place this Thursday, August 18th at 7pm at the Hastings Charter Township hall.

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