Open Referrals

This page is intended to help landowners generate interest in their forest management projects. Due to privacy concerns, we will not list exact locations of the work, and will only list their name and contact information upon the landowner’s request. Listings will be posted for approximately two weeks.

Current Open Referrals:


19-acre woodlot near residential area in northeastern Allegan county, Rabbit River runs through property. Pursuing timber harvest for enhancing recreational value and wildlife value. Looking to harvest trees on North side of the Rabbit River, as well as the oaks on the high ground of the southern portion of the parcel, and thinning the woods to the south of the Rabbit River. Landowner wants to protect water quality and aesthetics of the woods. The landowner has requested that interested parties contact them directly, and can be reached by phone or email.

Shara Funk


High quality oak trees in upland hardwood forest in southern Barry County, 35 acres of woods. Pursuing timber harvest, but is wary of oak wilt, as well as impacts of harvest on the hilly landscape. Received offers from local loggers but wasn’t sure he was getting a good deal. No commercial harvest has taken place here since the 70s. Possibly interested in management plan for tree farm certification, property was in tree farm previously but decertified in the past decade.


If you see work posted on this page which you are interested in performing, or wish to be added to our list of Forest Professionals please call Ben at (269) 908-4134. He will make sure that the landowner is aware of your interest and provide your contact information.