The Referral Process

For The Land Owner

Should you want to pursue forest management after meeting with our district forester, please keep the following in mind:

  • Your profile will be confidentially posted to our website for a two-week period during which forest resource professionals will have the opportunity to express interest in your project. Please note that no personal information will be available on the website; only a basic profile and general location of your land will be made available in order to help consultants effectively express interest in your project.


  • The district forester will compile a list of Forestry Professionals who have expressed interest in helping you with your specific project.
  • It is up to the landowner to call the Forestry Professionals and choose with whom they would like to work.
  •  The district forester will be available to follow up with you, answer any future questions, and help you with future forestry related issues as they arise.

For A listing of area sawmills and loggers in S.W. Michigan, click here
To find a Qualified Consulting Forester in your area, click here
To find a Technical Service Provider in your area, click here

For The Forestry Professional

This page is intended to help landowners generate interest in their forest management projects. Due to privacy concerns, we will not list landowner names or exact locations of the work. We will posting a brief description of the nature of the work needed and email the same information to our list of Forestry Professionals. If you wish to be added to our list of Forest Professionals, please call the Barry Conservation District at 269-908-4134.

If you see work posted on this page which you are interested in performing, please call the Conservation district at (269) 908-4139. The district forester will make sure that the landowner is aware of your interest and provide your contact information. Listings will be posted for approximately two weeks.

Current Open Referrals:

70-18-01:     Converted agricultural field to new hobby forest on border of Ottawa and Muskegon counties. Planting to Oak, Walnut, Butternut, some mature timber in back of property, and some White Pine planted in 2001. Mostly looking for cost-sharing or tax assistance to help with management, so trying enter QFP and possibly American Tree Farm, needs management plan, 30 acre parcel.

08-18-01:     Looking to have small harvest done of Red and White Oaks near house, and removal of Walnuts near garden on the roadside. Invasive species in high occurrence near driveway, less common near house. Parcel is 24 Acres, mostly Oak-Hickory forest.

08-18-02:      Harvest of mature oaks, make room for young oaks to regenerate. Would like to preserve some trees for wildlife, primarily for turkey and deer hunting. Two separate parcels, one with primarily oaks, and the other with swamp hardwoods. Swampy stand has significant amount of wind throw after strong winds earlier this year. Neighbor has shown interest in having their property harvest as well, with similar forest types. Total size of 2 parcels is 42 acres.

03-18-01: Interested in entering Qualified Forest Program, needs management plan written. Property has large wet spot, but may be productive enough to still qualify for QFP. Oaks prevalent on high ground, mostly maples near wet areas, with significant hemlock component.  20 acres.

03-18-03: Clearing timber off of golf course, wants to remove trees that are nuisances for course management. White and red oaks, cottonwood, and soft maple are most common species present. 100s of mature trees to be removed, total golf course size 112 acres.