Equipment Rental

Tree Planter

◾Rent for $50/per eight-hour work day
◾Require a minimum of 25 hp tractor
◾3 point hitch
◾Planter is on own trailer, can be hauled with a pick-up
◾Can plant from 500-800 trees per hour

No-till Drill

◾Rents for $50 flat fee plus $12.50/acre
◾8′ Truax drill, 12 coulters
◾Need 50 hp tractor with external hydraulic system
◾Used to plant Native grass plantings and pasture (brome, clover etc, NOT hay or other crops)

Rental Agreements

To rent equipment you must first fill out one of the forms below, depending on which machine you want to rent:
Tree Planter Agreement

No till drill agreement 2015